Teen Moms Anonymous


Teen Moms Anonymous is a support group and recovery program for teen moms who are trauma survivors. Participation is open to both teen girls 15-19 who are currently pregnant and parenting and adult women who were teen moms and are trauma survivors. 

We were founded in August 2020 by Christine M. Stroble, Ph.D. an educator and researcher. Dr. Stroble's research focuses on improving education for teen moms (known educationally as pregnant and parenting teens/students).

From her research and professional and personal experience, Dr. Stroble knows in addition to helping teen moms graduate, emphasis must be placed on helping them heal and recover from trauma. Research is clear that teen moms are often the victims of violence and abuse (trauma).

Research is also clear that it is important for parents to heal from their own violent experiences in order to support the healthy emotional development of their children. Without healing, unresolved trauma affects every aspect of their lives--their ability to parent effectively, education, dating, and career options.

Dr. Stroble knows teen moms also share another common bond. They know what it's like to be judged and the shame that comes from being judged. They know what it's like to feel excluded from the group. Disconnected. But as Shame and Vulnerability Researcher, Brene Brown notes, we are made for connection, and the problem with shame is, it unravels that connection--the very thing a teen mom is in need of.

Teen Moms Anonymous is a place where teen moms can get connected; find support, hope, and encouragement from their peers; and begin their journey of healing from trauma.

About the Founder

Christine M. Stroble, Ph.D.

Christine M. Stroble, Ph.D. is an educator and researcher. She earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and her research area of focus is improving education for teen moms (known educationally as pregnant and parenting students). She is no longer in the classroom; however, she continues to publish in academia and conduct research. 

Dr. Stroble is also a trauma survivor. She has been on her journey of healing from trauma and recovery for over 15 years. Now that she has achieved a level of success in her own recovery, her mission is to help other trauma survivors heal and recover too.  She is a trauma recovery coach and radio talk show host. 

The idea for a support group for teen moms came to her many years ago when she was teaching high school, but it was a process for her to get to the point where she could really make this organization a reality. 

Dr. Stroble knows that many teen moms are not going to see a therapist or psychiatrist, so her motto is "bringing recovery to you". Her way of doing that was to create a community-based support group and recovery program much like Codependents Anonymous (CoDa) and Celebrate Recovery. She created Teen Moms Anonymous. Teen Moms Anonymous is a safe space in the community where teen moms can heal and recover from trauma. 

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