About the Founder

Christine M. Stroble, Ph.D. 

Christine M. Stroble, Ph.D. is the founder of Teen Moms Anonymous. In 2020, Dr. Chris founded Teen Moms Anonymous because she knew from her research, professional, and personal experience, that there was a need to minister to teen moms and women who have been teen moms. She knew that many were emotionally wounded and in need of healing.

Dr. Chris also knew the effectiveness of support group programs like Codependents Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. As a trauma survivor, she had attended several CoDA meetings and completed the 12-Step program with Celebrate Recovery.

In the same way that Codependents Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery bring together people, who share a common bond, to support each other in healing, Dr. Chris wanted to create a support group program to bring together teen moms, who share a common bond, to support each other in healing.

She created Teen Moms Anonymous. We are a Christ-centered support group program for teen moms run by teen moms and women who have been teen moms. We are a safe place where participants can (1) meet others who've walked a similar path, (2) find emotional and moral support, and (3) learn skills and find resources to help them grow into a more confident, skilled woman and mother. 

Dr. Chris is herself the daughter of a teen mom, and her story mirrors the research on the many Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that teen moms and children of teen moms have faced. Her story differs in that she broke the cycle of teen pregnancy and has been on her journey of healing from trauma for over 15 years. She now uses what helped her to help teens and single moms and their children to a life of emotional health and wellness. 

Board Members

Charlotte Wright, M.Ed

School Counselor

Glenda Boone, Ed.D.

Retired Professor

Tracy McCauley, MA

Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate/Coach