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About the Founder

Dr. Chris Maria

Dr. Chris Maria (Christine M. Stroble, Ph.D.) is the founder of Teen Moms Anonymous. Dr. Chris Maria founded Teen Moms Anonymous because she knew from her research, professional, and personal experience that there was a need to minister to teen moms who are trauma survivors.

She also knew the effectiveness of community-based support group programs like Codependents Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. As a trauma survivor, she had attended several CoDA meetings and completed the 12-Step program with Celebrate Recovery.

In the same way that Codependents Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery bring together people, who share a common bond, to support each other in healing, Dr. Chris Maria wanted to create a community-based support group program to bring together teen moms, who share a common bond, to support each other in healing.

She created Teen Moms Anonymous, a community-based support group program for teen moms who are trauma survivors. We are a safe place in the community where teen moms can gather with their peers, find emotional and moral support, and begin their journey of healing from trauma. Our program focuses heavily on education as a means to heal from trauma.

Dr. Chris Maria is a former public-school English teacher and college professor. She received her Ph.D. from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her research area focuses on improving education for pregnant and parenting students. She is no longer in the classroom; however, she continues to publish in academia and conduct research.

Today along with leading this ministry, Dr. Chris Maria is an author and speaker. She is the author of Helping Teen Moms Graduate: Strategies for Families, Schools, and Community Organizations (Feb 15, 2023) and her upcoming inspirational memoir is, Daughter of a Teen Mom: A Daughter's Journey to Understand Her Mother's Story (Forthcoming 2024). 

Board Members

Charlotte Wright, M.Ed

School Counselor

Glenda Boone, Ed.D.

Retired Professor

Tracy McCauley, MA

Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate/Coach

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